Urban Landscape (2013-14) av Sanghyuk Yoon.

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ph/  Sanghyuk Yoon

Artist Statement

I would like to raise questions about territories between culture and nature. I have an impression that we human beings dig up the ground, and construct our own world for ourselves, not for animals, plants and Mother Nature. I believe that the earth has been re-imagined and reconstituted based on human desire and needs. But how do animals and plants fit into or accept this situation and space? They may embrace this new world as their environment, but spaces built by humans desire recreate nature and strip it of its true character. This project originated in sympathy towards nature.

3 Inspiration, Photography

  1. Milla sier:

    Elsk på dessa bildene!!!!

  2. Joakim sier:

    Herregud, sykt fine, jeg må også sjekke ut nettside! Når jeg så disse fikk jeg sykt lyst til å dra til nye steder i verden og lage bilder selv også. Herregud, gi meg penger til flybilletter, noen </3

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